Rain-Drop-Insta-View with @luciabrancati

The first posting of @luciabrancati in the @RainStations Gallery , unbeknown to me at the time, was a particularly personal photograph for @luciabrancati. Coincidentally, the RAIN connection made with this image was poignant and profoundly beautiful.

There have been many postings featuring @luciabrancati. Her love of RAIN, is evident not only in its proliferation in her exceptionally beautiful Gallery, but also in how it is expressed; sensitively, poetically and often combining musical inspirations.

In essence, these Rain-Drop-Insta views are loosely formatted and allow artists to place emphasis on particular aspects of their RAIN. @luciabrancati has chosen to communicate her RAIN through a more visual journey, using her photographs to express her RAIN.

With Many Thanks and Kind Permission, I am here able to write a transcript of the illustrated interview with Lucia, @luciabrancati Instagram


Rain-Drop-Insta-View with @antclick

Photo: @antclick on Instagram | #thesurvivingframe 0096

The first posting of @antclick in the @RainStations Gallery was identified as “#thesurvivingframe 0096”, with the following caption:

“St. Peter’s Square. March 13, 2013. Afternoon.

I forget about the existence of this square, of Michelangelo’s dome, of Bernini’s colonnade, for long lapses of time – despite living in the same city, on the other side of the river Tiber. But in days like this one, it felt like the world outside that square did not exist. The square, filled with people, standing quietly under a continuous rain, seemed to pulse, like a wet, waiting heart. (…continues…) This is an ongoing project – the random diary of an anonymous news agency cameraman. When my son started walking I begun looking back at some of the things I had seen in my years as a news agency cameraman. And, to my surprise, memories came not as moving images….but as stills.”

I commented how this astonishing image demonstrated that the RAIN magnified the sense of commitment and connection.

The feed @antclick on Instagram, is an extraordinary one in many ways. I could describe it, in brief, as Raw Poetry in Motion, Captured. Raw, due to the hard-hitting front line experiences @antclick shares. Poetry, in the emotions he conveys and captions written from the heart. The Motion, is a feeling you get in many of the images, whether taken on the move, phone in hand, whilst film camera in the other. Finally Captured. The situations photographed in the RAIN by @antclick and risks attached to capturing these images may be seen as ‘part of the job’, however, they go well beyond the discomforts or challenges of RAIN most of us would ordinarily experience; both from the Cameraman’s viewpoint and often dramatic events covered, where RAIN has been an additional, yet potent, layer to the story.

It is always a mark of someone ‘at one’ with their vocation when they see the ‘beauty’, despite the challenges, in what they do. The results are in their work. Here is a testimony to that.

The images of @antclick share history and events, coloured with Rain. They lend a fascinating perspective to RAIN and our experience of it.

With Many Thanks and Kind Permission, I am here able to write a transcript of the interview with Antonio, @antclick Instagram.


Rain-Drop-Insta-View with @anne.hooss

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | DIRT’N’RAIN

The first posting of @anne.hooss in the @RainStations Gallery was titled simply and unapologetically DIRT. Hashtags followed offering more context: dirt, mud, rain, nature, city, architecture, landscape, design, abstract, art, poesia … and some of the recurring themes to be found in the excellent Art @anne.hooss.

Immediately captivated by the graphic beauty of this Abstract, I had no hesitation in asking her permission to repost @RainStations. Similarly @anne.hooss ‘s quick & enthusiastic agreement was the first of many! The brief exchange that followed, centring on this image, matched her confidence with a touch of the mischievous play in the image: “… this is REAL rain and no brush  – mixed with REEAAAL dirt)”. Fantastic!

The magic in this image is how @anne.hooss sees the extraordinary out of the ordinary and often ignored, and creates something beautiful. It is this particular process that marries up so well with aspirations @RainStations. But maybe also, there is a certain current connection to be found in a restlessness in pursuit of an image, counterbalanced with a search for meditative nuances that can shine through in the light of RAIN.

With Many Thanks and Kind Permission, I am here able to write a transcript of the interview with Anne, @anne.hooss Instagram.


Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | THE FOREST: MISTY & RAINY