Rainstations Foundation

The Charitable Track of RainStations

RainStations Foundation acts as a Charitable Organisation to support Artists working with Rain. It creates Projects, Events and Exhibitions to support Rain Charities, Causes and Artists.

The Website RAINSTATIONS FOUNDATION, currently under construction, will include more detailed information of each project and how to support them individually in addition to the RainStations Foundation’s work.

The RainStations Foundation Gallery will be composed of donated photographs & artwork from photographers & artists for the purpose of supporting further projects at RainStations Foundation, Rain Charities and in turn the artists. The principle will be that these are featured online for sale and would be curated into specific Rain Exhibitions again for the purposes of raising funds for more projects and supporting artists & photographers in the process. If you are interested in Collaborating in this, please CONTACT us.

If you would like to support the work of RainStations Foundation we would be very grateful for any donations.
Please feel free to DONATE HERE.

Many Rainy Thanks to YOU!


Our mission is to change the lives of people adversely affected by RAIN and give them the right to a better life.


Our aims are:
To create a RAIN focused Charity.
To raise awareness & funds utilising the Arts, as a vehicle, to mitigate the effects of RAIN.
To donate to many & diverse RAIN focused charities or projects.
To aim to maximise the effectiveness & transparency of each £1 donated or raised.
To support International Artists in the process of fundraising.

Project: On Rain

A Collaboration between The Worldwide Tribe & RainStations Foundation supporting the Pikpa Refugee Camp in enabling a RainWater Harvesting System to be installed on the site.

An Exhibition ‘On Rain’ in the Education Gallery at the Saatchi Gallery London Feb1-17.

If you would like to support the Project ON RAIN: enabling a Rainwater harvesting system for the Pikpa refugee camp, we would be very grateful for any donations.
Please feel free to DONATE HERE.

We are enormously thankful to all those who have collaborated on the Project so far:

Jaz O’Hara – Founder of The Worldwide Tribe
Maria Zachariades – Founder of RainStations, Curator
Craig Austin – Founder Vimpt, Printer, UK
Vassilis Mathioudakis – Photographer (specialising in photographing Refugees in the Mediterranean) Curator – Athens
Jade Chorkularb – Thai Artist. Winner of the Jerwood Drawing prize (Student 2016)
Anne Hooss – Art Director – Stuttgart
Babak Kanaani – Judge on Instagram Competition – winners displayed in Exhibition. Photographer – Tehran

Photographers “On Rain”

Name – Instagram Account:
Olga Karlovav – @olga.karlovac
Alan Kastner – @wallah
Thomas Toft – @toft76
Carlein – @ilein
Darko Labor – @darkolabor
Eric Mencher – @emencher
Marilisa Andriani – @mitrydate
Jone Reed – @jone.reed
L.Bird – @ladybird.notes
Swarat Ghosh – @swaratghosh
Walter Rothwell – @walter_rothwell
Richard Hernandez – @koci
Timo Battefeld – @timoonthefly
Yiorgos Koutsouvelis – @yiorgoskouts
Migyoung Won – @migyoungwon
Laurence Bouchard – @laurence_bouchard
Alan Schaller – @alan_schaller
Brett Canet-Gibson – @brettcanetgibson
Antonio Denti – @antclick
Franc Ortiz Rodrigo – @soldatdp
Vassilis Mathioudakis – @vassilismathioudakis

And 3 Charity Competition Winners #saatchi_on_rain on Instagram:

Melissa Neves – @mel.ns
Jose Manuel Garcia Gonzalez – @bajo_narcea
Greg Paul – @g.p.a.v.l.o.s

Each of the Photographers listed above have generously donated their work exhibited to support the Crowdfunding Project. Each photograph will be gifted when certain Targets are reached on the fundraising campaign.
A Special Mention to Craig Austin of Vimpt who created the Salt Prints for the Exhibition and is very kindly donating these also in support of our project.

Further Support has been very gratefully received from:

E-Mediavision – Media Consulting
J.Lloyd & Son Ltd – Wales – Fabrication of Steel Tracks and Table
RS Components Ltd – Magnets
Oliver Sharp – Wine @ ‘The Meet’