Welcome to RainStations! A Platform for Rain

This website is in rainy progress but we want to share where we are at so far …

Passionate about RAIN

Creating & Sharing through RAIN

RainStations are all about creating platforms for collecting and sharing ideas, information, research, art and music that have RAIN as their focal point, as featured in NEWS / BLOG.
Each image shared on Instagram platform @RainStations is a pause for thought on your journey, a Station in it’s own right. Through the filter of RAIN we ‘see’ so much more.
In the RAIN-DROP-INSTA-VIEWS featured Photographer/Artists are interviewed about their RAIN and share their experiences and rainy inspirations.

Connecting & Collaborating through RAIN

The SHOP & GALLERY on RainStations are under construction!
Collections of RAIN focused items will be on sale with 10% of all profits going to RainStations Foundation to support it’s RAIN Projects.
RainStations collaborates with a number to Rain Enthusiasts to bring a diverse range of RAIN inspired products and artworks.

Introducing RainStations Foundation

The charitable track of RainStations is RAINSTATIONS FOUNDATION, a non-profit organisation, supporting RAIN charities, causes and people who work with RAIN through the medium of the ARTS and subsequently supporting the Artists too.
RainStations Foundation organises Projects/Events and Exhibitions and is generously supported in this work through a donated collection of art and photography. All this is made possible with the work and support of Collaborators and public donations and sponsors.

Celebrating the Diversity & Phenonema of RAIN

We take RAIN forgranted! Yes it can destroy and offer us many challenges; but nevertheless, we are sustained by it. Life on earth and the beauty of our planet cannot exist without it. Let’s bring it into focus and celebrate this unique and wonderful phenomena, drawing inspiration from it, whilst respecting its power and chaotic nature!

Thank-you for visiting RainStations!

Some people feel the Rain, others just get wet. Bob Marley