Rain-Drop-Insta-View with @anne.hooss

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | DIRT’N’RAIN

The first posting of @anne.hooss in the @RainStations Gallery was titled simply and unapologetically DIRT. Hashtags followed offering more context: dirt, mud, rain, nature, city, architecture, landscape, design, abstract, art, poesia … and some of the recurring themes to be found in the excellent Art @anne.hooss.

Immediately captivated by the graphic beauty of this Abstract, I had no hesitation in asking her permission to repost @RainStations. Similarly @anne.hooss ‘s quick & enthusiastic agreement was the first of many! The brief exchange that followed, centring on this image, matched her confidence with a touch of the mischievous play in the image: “… this is REAL rain and no brush  – mixed with REEAAAL dirt)”. Fantastic!

The magic in this image is how @anne.hooss sees the extraordinary out of the ordinary and often ignored, and creates something beautiful. It is this particular process that marries up so well with aspirations @RainStations. But maybe also, there is a certain current connection to be found in a restlessness in pursuit of an image, counterbalanced with a search for meditative nuances that can shine through in the light of RAIN.

With Many Thanks and Kind Permission, I am here able to write a transcript of the interview with Anne, @anne.hooss Instagram.


Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | THE FOREST: MISTY & RAINY

The Interview

M : With so many fantastic RAIN photographs to choose from, thank-you for taking the time to rise to the challenge of selecting your favourites!

A: Choosing my favourite RAIN pic was very difficult for me. I love my stormy triptychs, I love the pavements of everyday life and I love the classical RAINY, stormy landscapes…. I have chosen this one because I love the forest in the RAIN. Nobody is there – just the forest and you. I love the sound of the forest, the smell of earth and chlorophyll, the sallow colours, especially in autumn, when there is no more green. Trees look so intrinsic without a dress of leaves – they stare at you as if they want to tell you something. On this pic it was raining and misty – that’s the absolute maximum for me as a photographer (that’s unusual perhaps, but it’s the truth). It’a a completely sensual experience.

But I love just as well rainy-dirty streets, car and train windows! Rain transforms streets, the city, cars etc. into magical scenery – when you look properly on those everyday life things. This puddle, for example, is made of dirty water, no stunning reflection, just the tar crumbs and cracks, partially wet and partially dry, but when you look closer, a beautiful unique microcosmos, which you would normally trample over, opens up to you.

I take pics, when I am infused with the situation. It’s the thrill of investigation.

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | RAINY STREET

M : What are the first words that come into your mind when you think of RAIN?

A : Smell and sound……

M : What was your earliest memory of RAIN?

A : The earliest memory is Carwash: I remember, when I was about 3 or 4 years old, we stayed at my grandmas home in the Black Forest one very hot summer. It was so hot, that we could only hang around in the house apathetically. But there was this certain tension in the air and in no time at all there it was: one big crash, thunder and a sudden thunderstorm. We all awoke from our heat phlegm and my father asked us to take a cleaning cloth and come out with him to wash the car (we were already almost naked anyway) … My brother and me jumped out and we had a wonderful car wash in the strong RAIN. I remember that we couldn’t hear each others words, because it was raining so strong and I can still see us jumping around the car.

M : Are there words in German that describe the different qualities of RAIN?

A : Oh yes, there are:

Nieselregen : Gentle drizzling RAIN
Dauerregen : Permanent RAIN
Starkregen : Strong RAIN
Sturm : Storm
Gewitter : Thunderstorm
Orkan : Hurricane
Niederschlag : A general Meteorological word for RAIN

M : What is your favourite type of RAIN?

A : I prefer RAIN with exciting skies : I have lived in Hamburg for many years and the typical Hamburg RAIN is about 6-8 weeks (also in summer) drizzling RAIN with a unicolour grey sky. That was one reason to move back to the South of Germany : I love thunderstorms and wild skies. In Hamburg that doesn’t exist…. gray gray gray without shades… depressing and boring.

M : What is your most memorable experience of RAIN?

A : It was Hurricane Lothar at the turn of the year 1999/2000 … Since this great experience I have deep respect for the forces of nature…. I was in the southwest of France and over two days all candles, matches, batteries, pocket lamps were sold out in all shops and supermarkets … It was one week in winter with no electricity at all, no warm water … there was one restaurant in this rural region, where they cooked with gas. This place was ‘the’ place to be. People, use gas!!! Since then you’ll always find candles and matches in my home … It was no big catastrophe but nevertheless I experienced once again, how pampered we are!!! Everything what we think is safe and given can break in an instant … (here in a very small way but if you are thinking about all the refugees …). Nothing at all is safe.

M : Yes, all held in a delicate balance, easily tipped. It can take a storm to remind us, then how easily we can forget!…..Tell me about your work….

A: I’m working as a Graphic Designer, Print and Web and as a free Artist in different disciplines, amongst others Photography. I have had some exhibitions in Photography/Art. And I’m the Curator and Creator of “DIALOGUES” :

This is a project where I am entering into a dialogue between me and artist colleagues. The respective work of the “Artists in Dialogue” is appearing in a different new light through this communication. It’s about exchange…. I also write very short stories and make some painting and paperwork …

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | Venice

M : How do photography and RAIN work for you?

A : There is no difference in taking photos if it RAINS or not… Of course when it RAINS strongly I have to be quick because of the RAIN on the lens (which I know very well) ???? … I hate umbrellas. Sometimes when it’s really RAINING hard I need one in the city, when I walk to a date or something like that…. But I have an illness : I loose/leave at least one umbrella per month …. but fortunately I found a drugstore, where they have very cheap AND classical black umbrellas (I don’t like colourful umbrellas). So I am a registered customer there.

M : The forest is clearly very important in your work and @RainStations has featured your images of Forests in the RAIN – why do you think this match of Forest and RAIN works so well?

A : I think in general, photos work well, if ‘in’ them, in the caught moment, there is passion and a secret, something hidden for what you’ve taken … whatever the motive is … nature, city, highway. It can also be love or nauseation or astonishment or doubts or whatever…. I’m sure, the viewer feels that personal, private aspect of emotion in the pic – consciously or unconsciously. I only show and keep pics, where I was touched by the moment – if people will like them or not is never my motivation. My pics are my poems.

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | HIGHWAY POESIA

M: Are there particular qualities of RAIN you look to capture in your photographs?

A: No. I don’t resolve to go out and take photos under any special conditions. The camera is always with me and so I am shooting when there is something to shoot.

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | Rainy Backyard Poetry

M: Does RAIN suit particular themes you explore in your work?

A: This question is very theoretical  … Spontaneously I would say, that the atmosphere, energy and mood when it’s RAINING runs like a thread through all my work. It’s something unobliging, not-glaring (which does not mean: not glamorous ;-), twilight in any way, things and situations in between, sometimes inconvenient: you have to take another perspective when it’s RAINING, and I think, another perspective is one of my main fields of research.

M : When do you not like RAIN?

A : When I have an important date, once again no umbrella story…. and no water-resistant mascara 😀 !

M : Do you have favourite ways of experiencing RAIN?

A : When it’s raining outside and I’m lying in a cosy warm bed with an open window and listening to the RAIN and smelling the RAIN. I love that! So sexy. Of course I love the forest when it’s RAINING…..

Photo: @anne.hooss on Instagram | RAINY VIEW

M : Could you talk about your selected pieces of RAIN music and film please?

A : I have no RAIN inspirations because I’m inspired by RAIN itself. I love RAIN and out of this I love films / literature / music about RAIN.

@anne.hooss Inspirations about Rain:


A : One of my absolutely favourite films in general, not because of RAIN but it is about RAINFALL / Snowmelt, is “Une Histoire D’Eau” from Truffaut & Godard. It’s about 12 minutes and I love everything in this little film, the photography, the text, the craziness, loveliness and ease……wonderful.


A : Some songs about RAIN which I like a lot:

Washington Street / Laurie Anderson


Rain on lens 1 and 2 / Smog
The lyrics are just great!:

Rain on lens

Rain on lens

Boom in frame

Boom in frame

All is ruin

Let’s take it again


Little Girl Blue / Janis Joplin

A : But as I said – they don’t inspire me for taking RAIN pics … I love them because they are good and because they are about RAIN, my beloved “Weather Style”.

M: Your wonderful images convey your connection to RAIN in a direct, yet sensitive way, also opening our eyes to ever new ways of seeing what we can often take for-granted or not notice. Thank-you so much for sharing your RAIN here too!

Anne’s declaration of her love to RAIN:

drip drop – unconditional togetherness

Please check out the Wonderful Instagram page @anne.hooss to see extraordinary images of Rain, Forests, Architecture, Landscape and more, created by an Artist with strong graphic perception and a Love of Light and RAIN….

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