Rain Competition. Micro Exhibition. Vimpt Free Prints.

Theme: Inside – Out RAIN

Hashtag : #rainstations_vimpt01

RainStations and Vimpt’s First Rainy Collaboration!

Our aim with this competition is to take Insta – OUT! A chance to see the Winner’s Vimpt Prints exhibited.

We feel this virtual space is great but seeing a hand printed salt print ‘in the flesh’ so to speak is something very special!

So here is our plan:

Start Date: Monday 15th May 2017
End Date : Monday 29th May @Noon GMT
No limit to no. of entries.
Old and new accepted.
Winners announced : Saturday 3rd June 2017

3 Excellent Judges will each select 2 photographs :
@vassilismathioudakis, @yiorgoskouts, @apamede.bnw

A Micro-Exhibition displaying the 6 winners prints opens : Saturday 3rd June in London. More details to follow.


Our Theme here is linked to our Aim :
Taking Insta – Out & Exploring ‘Inside – Out’ RAIN.

It is about how you perceive RAIN, in a literal or abstract way.

You can photograph the RAIN from the ‘Inside-Outside’ perspective, drawing attention to the ‘sensation of wetness’ you would have when taking pictures from a sheltered position, or from the other way around : from the ‘Outside to the Inside’ perspective.

Zoom in & Zoom out! Challenge these boundaries of what we call ‘Inside’ or ‘Outside’ Rain and play as much as you want with the concepts of representation or abstraction of the RAIN!

Be our guest in this exciting RAIN challenge!

Please feel free to check out the following links! :