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RainStations is a Collaboration of RAIN Enthusiasts! Their expertise derive from diverse fields; from photography, science, literature, music to theatre, environment, psychology, architecture and more…. If you are a RAIN Enthusiast and would like to collaborate, please get in touch via the Contact page. We’d love to hear from you and your RAIN perspective!
The amazing thing is that everyone on earth experiences RAIN to a greater or lesser extent and it is this colourful array of experiences we are looking to portray in the Blog. Please send in, via the Contacts page or Comments on the Blog,  your experiences, thoughts or creations around RAIN to share on the Blog.
@RainStations on Instagram is a Gallery platform for collecting and sharing beautiful and inspiring images and music which have RAIN as their focal point. To share images or videos use Hastag Rainstations.
At RainStations we look to Share RAIN . We believe that the more we learn about RAIN, the more we can appreciate it’s unique, beautiful and fundamental job on our planet and importantly feel better about it! We are looking to extend the ways we can Share RAIN and would welcome ideas!
RainStations offering Journeys on RAIN.
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Rain-In-Sights From The Founder :

Maria Zachariades

I have had a passion and curiosity about RAIN for many years. By starting this site, it will create a place to share my and others contemplations, notions and reflections on RAIN. I would love people to be inspired to contribute their thoughts, experiences, feelings, knowledge and creations about RAIN.

RAIN has inspired imagery in art, music, literature, dance, theatre and film drawing on it’s emotive characteristics. I hope this blog will draw together, collate and share these to create a diverse collection of RAIN.

RAIN knows no borders and doesn’t discriminate. Storms travel across countries and continents causing devastation, whilst on the other side of the planet the eagerly awaited RAIN will bring celebrations and joy when it finally arrives. Floods cause more loss of life, than any other natural disaster, and yet year on year the world over, we struggle with water shortages. How RAIN sculpts our planet and how we interact with the landscape of RAIN fascinates me.

My overriding curiosity lies in the question of how we, as human beings made up of 50-75% water relate to materiality of RAIN both in body and mind. It is our ‘mindfulness’ when it RAINS that I believe determines our relationship to this fundamental source of life. Could a better understanding of our relationship with the medium of RAIN improve our experience of it both physically and mentally? Can seeing RAIN through the Arts open our eyes anew and inspire us afresh?

I hope that I am able here to share this curiosity and passion and hope you too will start to see RAIN in a new light.

Enjoy RainStations! Enjoy the RAIN!


My Memorable Rain Moments

I would like to mention a few of the significant RAIN moments that have led me to creating RainStations:




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