Welcome! RainStations are all about creating platforms for collecting and sharing ideas, information, research, art and music that have RAIN as their focal point.

Each individual creation acts, in it’s own right, as a Station. Everyone has some personal and intimate experience of RAIN, memories as a child, anticipating RAIN, or wishing it to go away. It colours our perceptions of the everyday to a greater or lesser extent. We need it, but don’t always want to get wet. It’s here, we live with it and talk endlessly about it. Perhaps, a better understanding of it will help us embrace the RAIN more.

This is the experiment of RainStations.

Each RainStation is a pause for thought on your journey, and a celebration of this phenomenon that sustains life on our planet and awakens so many emotions.



Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet

– R O G E R  M I L L E R

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Photographer Saul Leiter: A Retrospective. Bunkamura, Tokyo . Review By Alan Kastner @wallah

Photographer Saul Leiter: A Retrospective. Bunkamura, Tokyo . Review by Alan Kastner @wallah

P H O T O : @Saul Leiter    | 463 , 1956 | With Kind Permission from…

Inside-Out Rain Exhibition Collaboration With @vimpt

Inside-Out Rain Exhibition Collaboration with @vimpt

Rain-Drop-Insta-View With @luciabrancati

Rain-Drop-Insta-View with @luciabrancati

P H O T O : @luciabrancati on Instagram        | Untitled | The first posting of…

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