P H O T O : @darkolabor | 2005 - Shortwave Fadeout |

Rain-Drop-Insta-View with @darkolabor

P H O T O : @darkolabor on Instagram        | 2005  – Shortwave fadeout |

The first posting of @darkolabor in the @RainStations Gallery characterises elements identifiable through his work and connection with RAIN. A sense of mystery, a ‘loneliness’, a sombre, reflective mood and perfect moment captured, seen through RAIN.

The idea for this RAIN-Drop-Insta-View came however with a subsequent posting  1010 – Pictures from an unwritten book and the short exchange that followed. I had commented: “Imagining a Rain Story here…. graphic motion played out…” to which @darkolabor explained: ” I took it in the City of Maribor, Slovenia, years ago” and expanded on this : ” I remember perfectly when I took it – Maribor was the European Capital of Culture and I was going from one expo to another – RAIN started. I was on the balcony of this building and this guy was “running” from one wing of the building to another. Basically, 4-5 steps, not more than that.” From this spontaneous RAIN response I guessed it would be very interesting to learn more about the RAIN perspective of @darkolabor.

With Many Thanks and Kind Permission, I am here able to write a transcript of the interview with Darko,

@darkolabor  Instagram

M : I’d like you to talk about your first posting @RainStations… What is the RAIN Story here?

D : The story behind the photograph that you featured combines a few cool moments: you have a man with a hat (works every time), you have a night time, and a RAIN. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a moment to capture a photo that combines all these 3 things, you may say: well, that was a successful day. That’s the only story regarding this photo. Quite simple, isn’t it?

M : What is the first word that comes into your mind when you think of RAIN?

D :  Well, for me the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of RAIN is loneliness. I guess I am not quite original, most people will tell you that I suppose. RAIN is loneliness and I have been told that all of my photography, in general, is loneliness, so I think it is a kind of natural association for me.

M : Which of your RAIN images stands out most for you and why?

D : The picture with the nuns – I think it works very well, because it is just a perfect city scene. Nuns are nice to photograph especially if caught in somewhat relaxed edition, black and white works quite well in this shot and it is also – raining! So I think this could be considered my favourite RAIN photo of mine! 

P H O T O : @darkolabor | Untitled |

M : What is your most memorable or earliest experience of RAIN?

D :  I can’t remember what was my first memory of rain, but I do know that it always meant sort of – how to say, relief – RAIN can be a perfect excuse to avoid going out and it can give you comfort:-). On the other side, if you have a big dog like I do, then RAIN is just a problem since you have to clean a lot!

M : On your Instagram Gallery you say: “sono una persona che dovrebbe essere me”  [ I am a person who’s supposed to be me ]

In a few words you convey a creative drive stemming from one dichotomy or perhaps dichotomies…. In what way(s) do you seek to expose this through your work?

D :  I have been a journalist for most of my adult life, so I do have that urge to be present, so to say. Is that a need to convey an information, is that ego, is that a need to express yourself, is that a need to send some kind of message? It is not up for me to say. I do know that I try to push my photography in different directions, so by doing that, I am certainly and logically pushing myself too in those directions, which are quite often hidden in far places of my mind, or my heart, as those two organs do influence each other. “I am a person who should be me” is the phrase from one of Don DeLillo’s books, which I read in Italian, so I am not sure that this translation into English is precise, but it should be. When I read it, it seemed to me that it says very nicely that all of us are continuous “under construction” no matter what phase of the process we find ourselves to be in at that particular moment of our lives. Me, and my photography certainly are in the “under construction” process, whether I take photos of nuns under RAIN or spend my time with my objective leaned on a dirty window of an abandoned shop, as you can see in a picture that I attach.  So in two words, it is an ‘ongoing process’, that I express with my photos.

P H O T O : @darkolabor | 2411 – L’equilibrio precario |

M : What do you think about the ‘colour’ of RAIN?

D :  Since most of my photography turns out to be in black and white, although it’s not a willing choice, it just turns out to be so, it is a bit difficult for me to talk in colours. But let me try: a nice, dense, creamy sepia is rather good choice for colouring the rain, isn’t it?

M : I have to confess that is why I asked, and your answer is a perceptive one! It is a question I am curious about, from the varied angles of our perception and experience of RAIN…

How do you work with RAIN? How do you prepare yourself practically? Spontaneity is an interesting challenge for Photographers and being ready for that ‘moment’…

D :  I do not prepare. The RAIN means you have to go outside, and shoot. It is Street Photography at its basics, I think. I have a dog, as I already mentioned – and she needs to go outside a lot and we do live in the city, so no matter sun, RAIN, snow night or day or fog – I need to go out at least 3 times a day… and I never leave house without my Fujifilm X-E1, so there you have it…

M : Tell me about the RAIN in Milan – how would you describe it?

D : Oh Milan has a lot of RAIN and lot of nervous drivers and holes in the streets, so you must be very careful how you walk or you can end up being “rained” all over! 


@darkolabor  Inspirations



Zero K, by Don DeLillo 2016 (New York Times Bestseller. Publisher : Scribner NY)

Ordinary moments make the life. This is what she knew to be trustworthy and this is what I learned, eventually, from those years we spent together. No leaps or falls. I inhale the little drizzly details of the past and know who I am. What I failed to know before is clearer now, filtered up through time, an experience belonging to no-one else, not remotely, no-one, anyone, ever. I watch her use the roller to remove lint from her cloth coat. Define coat, I tell myself. Define time, define space.



Burial – Young Death / Nightmare

D: Not currently preparing expos, but I am working on a personal project of mine. By the time I end it, I might just try to put it out there. It’s about numbers and spies; I did offer a glimpse on my Instagram account actually:-)


The RAIN @darkalabor though not prolific in his Gallery, is exquisitely crafted. Where chance, coincidence or the “ongoing process”  interplay and question limits of waves of abstraction.

All however rendering classics of a time. Exposing light, sensitively filtered through darkness.

Thank-you so much @darkolabor for sharing your RAIN here too!


Please check out the Extraordinary & Intensely Inspiring Instagram page of @darkolabor.



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