RainStations Quest

RainStations Quest

P H O T O : Maria Zachariades

How can I describe to you what this Quest of RainStations is?

Light …….. the inspiration

Light …….. the means


Night RAIN  – Light reflecting off each droplet captured and stilled in a frame. Light crystallising their beauty. Their path described by the light travelling through the edges of the night.


The journey of RainStations is about this light, but also

a lightness of mind

a Quest embodying challenges

a Quest embodying adventure

the Challenges of RAIN

the Adventures of RAIN

lenses focus

light …… the means

The Light in Rain ignites inspiration for me in all it’s diversity,

challenges and beauty;

it’s unpredictability,

music, drama and


I am learning to embrace RAIN more in this way.

This is what I am looking for.

This is what I wish to share here.


This is the Quest of RainStations.

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