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As a follow-on from the Rain-Drop-In concept, short interviews focusing on RAIN, Rain-Drop-Insta-Views was born out of the inspiration @RainStations on Instagram.

Back in April 2016 @RainStations on Instagram was started : A platform for collecting & sharing ideas, art & music that have RAIN as their focal point.

A quick snap shot today : over 1800 RAIN images have been shared and over 8000 people are now following.

It feels quite overwhelming that so many, and so quickly, are enthusiastically supporting and engaging with the Gallery on Instagram and this journey of RAIN. The poetics and creativity that shine through the RAIN works shared and selected in particular for @RainStations, has inspired me no end. It seems to be an inexhaustible source. Much like our RAIN. Seeing RAIN through so many eyes, each communicating unique sentiments on RAIN. An Individual’s connection to a RAIN moment witnessed through a lens and translated to an image or video.

As the next Station Stop on this journey : Rain-Drop-Insta-Views.

These will be short interviews with Instagrammers who follow @RainStations, have had their work featured and have made a particularly strong impression with their creativity and interpretation of RAIN.

These interviews will give an insight into how these particular Instagrammers view RAIN, engage with it or are inspired to create images of RAIN. From practical to theoretical to dreamlike notions of RAIN. It is important that their true feelings about RAIN come across whether these are the positive aspects or the challenges. In addition, pieces of RAIN writing, poetry, films or music that have inspired these individuals will be shared here and will add a further dimension of insight. These will gives a depth of understanding and appreciation, beyond their words alone.

Each Rain-Drop-Insta-View also forms a RainStation in it’s own right. A pause for thought on your journey and a celebration of this phenomenon.

Enjoy RainStations!

Enjoy the RAIN!

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